Motorcycle, Boat, ATV, & RV Insurance Policies

We have your cars covered, so let’s move on to the really fun vehicles! Whether you roll on two wheels or three, over snow, through the city streets, or across the country roads, Kenneth Rhodes & Associates will provide you the coverage that will have you fully protected but keep more dollars in your pocket to spend when you reach your destination!

Bundling packages always bring significant savings, and the seasoned agents at Kenneth Rhodes & Associates are privy to more discounts available for your mobile toys than you can imagine. Let’s face it – it’s expensive enough as it is just to afford the vehicles we need to get us to and from work to pay for the vehicles that we enjoy. Throw in the costs of purchasing the bike, ATV, snowmobile, or RV, and who needs prohibitive insurance costs on top of it all? Call 888-657-9919 or the office of your choice today and check out the savings we can provide! We’re confident that we’ll leave you smiling!

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