Short Term Disability Insurance

Certain employers offer their employees additional benefits, sometimes at a discount, which help them stay on their feet should they have a temporary health concern which would prevent them from working.

A short term disability plan inside a group insurance option is what helps cover employee wages, or a percentage of, for a period of time.

What is Group Short Term Disability?

Group short term disability is insurance coverage provided by employers to employees for illnesses, injuries, or conditions that are considered to be temporary. This type of coverage is used to help partially pay for these unplanned instances, including paying your salary for an allotted amount of time.

This type of plan is only available as part of a group insurance plan.

Although group short term disability coverage is only required in a handful of states, it is a good idea for employers to offer this coverage as a back-up to support employees while they are experiencing life-altering changes.

The employees will be protected in the event of unforeseeable changes that will have an impact on their lives. There are a few short-term disabilities that can be covered by this type of insurance.

What Does Group Short Term Disability Cover?

This particular type of disability insurance can cover specific circumstances, such as pregnancy or complications related to pregnancy.

This includes health issues with the baby as well as maternity leave.

It can cover any illnesses that are deemed to be temporary injuries. Another ailment that can be covered by group short term disability insurance is injuries to the musculoskeletal system. Such an injury can take place when the body’s soft tissue is damaged by blunt force or impact.

What Does Group Short Term Disability NOT Cover?

Group short-term disability does not cover any pre-existing health conditions. It must be a condition that occurred while you are employed with your current employer and it must be short-term only.

This means if you are pregnant when you are hired, you cannot receive short-term disability for this. This is also when different forms of coverage come into play, such as FMLA (the Family Medical Leave Act).

Each type of coverage can assist you while you recover from your condition and can pay for multiple costs that you otherwise may not be able to pay.

What Are the Limitations?

Unlike long-term disability coverage, short-term is considerably more constricting and limited.

As previously mentioned, it must be a disability that began while you were employed with the current company.

There are also wait periods involved that may cause issues. The employee may need to be employed by the company for a specified amount of time before coverage is available.

It is important to discuss group short-term disability with your current employers ahead of time so you can be prepared and covered in times of need.