Homeowners Insurance

For most people, purchasing a new home will be the largest investment they will make in their lifetime.

There are a wide variety of homes, and Kenneth Rhodes & Associates provides a homeowner’s insurance policy for whatever dwelling you need to protect.

The insurance will not only protect the home and structures on the property, but it will also protect you financially should an accident happen on the property.

What is Homeowners Insurance?

A homeowner’s insurance policy is an instrument which  covers the home, structures on the property, and the contents of the house.

The nature of the personal insurance policy is something you need to discuss with your agent, as there are several factors weighing the effectiveness of the policy based on your personal circumstances, as well as the cost.

What Can It Cover?

A homeowners’ insurance policy protects the house and contents, but it also provides liability coverage.

The policy will provide coverage for damages from many threats such as:

  • fire
  • hail
  • severe weather
  • theft, and
  • falling objects

Your policy will cover other structures on the property. These can be a:

  • garage
  • shed
  • fence
  • gazebo

It also covers plants that are damaged. The exceptions include plants damaged by high winds or diseases.

Special Limits

The policy may also cover personal belongings. This can include:

  • computers
  • furniture
  • jewelry
  • clothing

If you have expensive items such as furs, artwork, or high-end jewelry, talk with your agent to see if you need to add a personal property floater to your policy, ensuring you have the coverage that you need.

Jewelry $1,000
Silver $2,500
Furs $1,000
Money $200
Securities $1,000
Firearms $2,000
Watercraft $1,000
Trailers $1,000
Credit Cards $500
Property Off Premises 10% of Cov C or $1,000 whichever greater

If after a disaster, the home is considered to be uninhabitable, your policy can provide funds to cover living expenses while the home is repaired or rebuilt. This includes hotel and food expenses until you can return to your home.

Liability Coverage

An important part of homeowner’s insurance is the liability coverage it provides. Though, it shouldn’t be confused with a standalone personal liability insurance policy as the coverage does differ.

If someone is injured on your property due to your negligence, or you damage someone else’s property, the policy will provide funds to cover some hospital and other medical expenses.

If the person decides to sue, it can help cover legal expenses as well.

What Does It Not Cover?


While homeowner’s policies protect against many threats, they do not cover damage from flooding events.

If the damage is caused by a broken pipe, the policy will cover the water damage. If the flooding is the result of severe weather, it won’t.

If the home is in a flood zone, additional flood insurance can provide the protection you need. Your agent can help you understand the level of flood risk that your home has.

Even if your home has a moderate risk for flooding, you may still consider adding coverage for the protection it provides.


Earthquake insurance is issued for areas that have a moderate to high risk of earthquake damage. Fortunately the areas we service do not typically need an earthquake insurance policy.

Building Risk

When you are building a home there isn’t yet a home to insure. For this case a builders risk policy will cover the homeowner or the contractor throughout the building process.

Manufactured Homes

Manufactured or mobile homes have a different set of codes from traditional built homes that have to be followed. This presents the homeowner with a different risk profile, which means they will need a manufactured home insurance policy instead of traditional homeowners insurance.


Condo owners only need to insure their individual units instead of the entire building. A condo insurance policy makes sure all your belongings and the interior of your condo is protected, without the extra expense of a whole building policy.

Are There Policy Limits?

Every insurance policy has limits, so it’s important that you discuss your situation with your agent.

This will help ensure that you have the right insurance in place before anything happens.

As mentioned, if there are expensive collections, artwork, jewelry, etc., additional coverage may be needed.

Beyond the two common coverages, Kenneth Rhodes & Associates offers individual policies for homeowners who seek protections that may be particular to their geographic area, home design, or an umbrella policy for specific needs.

We have locations in Anderson SC, Greenville SC, Greer SC Williamston SC, Lavonia GA, and Toccoa GA. We also offer policies for older homes, trailer homes, and comprehensive policies that provide the most wide-ranging protections available on the market.

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