Group Insurance

At Kenneth Rhodes & Associates Inc., we have many types of group insurance to help you serve your business and its employees, now or in the future.

Group insurance is a policy provided generally by the employer.

In most cases the employer will pay part or all of the premium for the individual employee, and the individual is responsible for dependent premiums which may remain.

This policy will ask medical questions of each employee, but there won’t be any coverage exclusions for pre-existing conditions if the individual has prior insurance coverage. The carrier has to write coverage for the whole group or no one at all.

A full-coverage policy covers full medical benefits such as:

  • hospitalization
  • doctors visits
  • prescription benefits
  • other medical expenses once the deductible has been met

An employer who doesn’t offer a group policy may still arrange for each individual to have their own individual health policy, which the employee would own. The policy is medically written by the carrier for that individual employee, and the carrier has the option of excluding any pre-existing medical conditions.

Another type of policy, called a cafeteria plan, is a plan that allows the employer to provide a variety of miscellaneous coverages under one package, which may or may not include flexible spending accounts, short-term disability, long-term disability, etc.