Commercial Insurance

Commercial insurance, also called business insurance, safeguards your business from work-related risks. Insurance companies create a wide range of custom policies to cater to small and large enterprises in various specialized fields.

Most companies looking to protect themselves from extraneous work-related costs, injuries, and accidents consider the following policy options:

What is commercial insurance?

Commercial insurance, also referred to as business insurance or business liability insurance, entails a wide range of policies that cover small businesses, corporations, and employees from prospective or uncertain hazards.

Policies can cover a wide range of work-related risks, including theft, injury, and property damage.

How should your business choose a commercial insurance policy?

A single insurance policy that covers multiple threats and injuries for many types of businesses would be costly. Therefore, insurance companies break up commercial policy options to lower premiums.

Businesses often have industry-specific risks or contingencies and need specialized policies depending on their trade. Companies that use specialized equipment or sell expensive goods should consider being covered by a specialized policy.

Liability and property policies, along with umbrella policies, cover the broadest accidents. These policies are also the most popular form of commercial insurance.

Companies worried about general risks and common workplace accidents should consider these policies.

Types of Policies

There are many different types of commercial insurance policies that you should consider.


A commercial property insurance policy pays you if your workplace is damaged in a fire or due to theft. It also covers damaged property in an office building.


Business liability policies generally cover damage to your clients and customers. You will also be protected if you damage rented equipment or leased property. Your policy may also cover bodily harm to your clients, their medical bills, and copyright infringement expenses.

Business Owners

Business owners’ policies bundle property and liability policies at a reduced cost. This policy gives extensive coverage for property damage and expands liability protection.

Business Auto

Business auto policies cover designated vehicles that a company owns or rents. These policies cover damage to your company cars, property damage, and potential injuries. However, more comprehensive policies are available.


Commercial crime insurance protects businesses from criminal acts, such as theft, forgery, and robbery by an employee or stranger. Stolen money and property are both covered under this policy.

Workers Compensation

A worker’s compensation policy pays various expenses to employees injured in a workplace accident. Worker’s comp payments can be used to remunerate an injured employee for lost wages and medical bills.

Inland Marine

Contrary to what you may think from the name, inland marine policies cover property in transit, not just maritime goods. Businesses that move high-priced items or work out of vehicles are at a unique risk of theft and property loss.

Plumbers, mobile dog groomers, food truck restauranteurs, and maintenance specialists often take out an inland marine policy.

Surety Bonds

Unlike personal surety bonds, commercial surety bonds give businesses direct access to money that would be used if a company forecloses, goes into debt, or defaults on a loan.

Commercial surety bonds cannot be used for construction expenses and follow federal and state law requirements.


Umbrella policies are often purchased on top of other policies to cover any additional expenses or risks up to a particular value. These policies increase your liability limit and may also increase your coverage options.