Renters Insurance Policies

For the value it provides, there is no better bargain in the insurance world than renters. Despite this fact, there is a good percentage of renters who do not take advantage of it.

Let one of our knowledgeable agents at Kenneth Rhodes & Associates run down the menu of offerings for you and find out how to protect your assets from loss, theft, and damage if you lease rather than own. The fact that renters have more neighbors makes the probability of a mishap – minor or significant – increase. A fundamental law of civilization: where there are more people, there are more misadventures. Protect yourself at premiums that will be sure to impress. Renting is on the rise – from lofts for young professionals to renovated homes for college students, to luxurious apartments for empty-nesters, so make sure that your insurance coverage protects your valuables if you join the trend! Call 888-657-9919 or the office of your choice for a quick quote that we are confident will leave you smiling!

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