Life Insurance Policies

Let our experienced agents at Kenneth Rhodes & Associates guide you through the process of identifying the right life insurance policy that will supply ample protection for your family but not keep you cash-strapped with high premiums. Term life insurance is the most common instrument people opt for, but whole life provides a consistency that suits other people’s preferences. Universal life is an increasingly popular choice due to its flexibility. Universal policies allow the insured to increase or decrease death benefits, and also offer more choice in premium payment amounts and timeframes.

While each type of life policy has its benefits, every client’s particular circumstances – personal and professional – will dictate which option best suits them at this specific point in time. Kenneth Rhodes & Associates will help you make this decision and will be there to monitor your insurance needs as you progress through the years. Life changes and life insurance needs change. Our seasoned agents will help make sure your changes are for the best. Call 888-657-9919 or the office of your choice for a quote!

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