Liability Insurance Policies

Liability insurance is the centerpiece of any comprehensive insurance profile. Protecting you against litigation stemming from accidents in the home, on the road, or in the workplace, liability coverage is vital. Still, our experience shows us that a large number of people do not fully understand it.

Our team will explain the fundamentals of what a sound liability package looks like and then find what your circumstances dictate in terms of coverage. Whether you own a home or rent, have multiple vehicles, are a business owner or subcontractor, and many other variables will impact the amount of liability coverage you need. We also offer specific business options – Comprehensive General Liability (CGL), Errors & Omissions policies, and Directors & Officers coverages. Contact us at 888-657-9919 or the office of your choice for a quick quote or to schedule a full insurance profile review. Bundling options are always available to increase your savings! Come in for a cup of coffee, and we’ll have you on your way to better coverage at significant savings before you know it!

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