Group Travel Insurance

Are you planning a holiday with your friends or family? Group travel insurance can provide you and your group with the peace of mind which comes from knowing you are protected in case of unexpected events.

Obtaining the proper group travel insurance can help to cover the costs if you are forced to cancel your trip due to urgent circumstances or if any of your group members need medical attention while traveling.

This type of group insurance is typically offered by travel agencies, airlines, tour operators, and insurance companies.

What is Group Travel Insurance?

Group travel insurance provides cover for a group of individuals traveling together for leisure purposes. It typically covers medical costs, trip cancellations, delays, and lost or stolen luggage.

To understand what group travel insurance is, it’s important to differentiate it from other types of travel insurance.

Unlike individual travel insurance, which is specific to a single traveler, group travel insurance covers all members of the group, providing protection for any eventuality during your travels. Typically, it may require a minimum number of travelers, like 10.

What Does Group Travel Insurance Cover?

Group travel insurance typically covers:

  • medical emergencies
  • trip cancellations
  • delays
  • lost or stolen luggage
  • personal accidents
  • liability claims

This type of insurance may also provide coverage for emergency repatriation costs if a group member needs to be brought back to their home country due to a medical emergency.

What Does it NOT Cover?

Group travel insurance typically does not cover any pre-existing medical conditions, personal liability claims, or any costs related to activities deemed dangerous or reckless.

Additionally, group travel insurance may not offer coverage for unforeseen events such as terrorism or natural disasters.

What are the Limitations?

Group travel insurance typically has limits on the amount of coverage provided.

Additionally, group members may be subject to exclusions or other restrictions based on their age, medical conditions, or where they are traveling. It is important to understand and review any policy limitations prior to purchasing group travel insurance.

It is also important to take into account the specific needs of the group, as well as any potential risks associated with the trip. A good group travel insurance plan should provide adequate protection for all members of the traveling party.

With the proper group travel insurance, you and your group can have peace of mind knowing that you are covered in the event of an unexpected emergency.

If you and a group are making travel plans, contact us to see how we might be able to help.