Auto Insurance Policies

Kenneth Rhodes & Associates will provide you the coverage you need to affordably protect all of your autos, offering you price reductions for multiple vehicles and discounts available to many people but known to very few. Most people do not realize that they are either over-insured or under-insured. Some make the argument that there’s no such thing as being over-insured. The fact of the matter is that if you’re paying premiums that are putting a pinch in your day-to-day quality of life for coverage that is way above the national average, this is your situation. Of course, under-insured is not where you want to land either – not by a long shot.

Our experienced agents will examine each facet of your automotive profile – type of vehicles, driving history, business versus personal use of vehicle, average travel times, distances, and routes – to provide you the very best policy at the greatest value. Inexperienced agents often have little idea how to convert the variables involved in where people drive, when they drive, and what amount of time they drive to savings. But Kenneth Rhodes & Associates has been doing it for so long that it is second nature to us. You’ll be amazed at the savings! Call 888-657-9919 or the office of your choice for a free quote today!

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