Life, Health & More

Life, Accident & Health, Dental, Disability: Each policy can be purchased on an individual with varying options and benefits.

Individual Life Policy: Individual life insurance policies range from Whole-Life and Universal to Term-Life and Long Term Care. Each policy is written to cover a different need that applies to that policy holder over a selected period of time.

Travel and Accident Policies: These can cover the individual while traveling out of the country and can pay to repatriate an individual back to the US for medical care. The polices also have coverage for Kidnap and Ransom. You can also be covered for a simple trip across town.

Individual Health Policy: This policy can be written for full-coverage or catastrophic coverage only. Full-coverage includes hospitalization, doctors visits, prescription benefits, and other medical expenses, whereas catastrophic coverage only covers medical expenses during hospitalization. Both policies are medically written by the insurance carrier, and the carrier has the option of excluding coverage for any pre-existing medical condition you may have.

Individual Dental Policy: This policy does exist, but it isn’t as common as group dental and may not always be available in your area.

Individual Disability: This is available for a stated monthly amount. The cost is determined by: 1. the amount of benefit available each month; 2. the length of waiting period (30-180 days waiting period) before the benefit starts; and 3. the length of time the benefit will be paid.