Equine & Pet

We offer a variety of equine and pet insurance policies.

Equine Coverages:

  • Equine Mortality and Major Medical
  • Individual Horse Owners Liability
  • Stallion Infertility
  • Loss of Use

Coverage is available for all disciplines and breeds from *24 hours through 20 years old.

*Specific coverage limits and exclusions apply to foals under 1 and horses over 14 years old.

Other Available Coverages:

  • Equine Farm & Ranch Coverage (includes coverage for dwellings, personal property, barns, outbuildings, CCC, equipment, and liability)
  • Care, Custody, and Control Coverage (CCC)
  • Race Horse Owners Liability
  • Liability for Riding Clubs and Shows
  • Ranch Horse Camp Liability
  • Agri-Risk Umbrella Liability

Pet Coverages: Please contact us for more information.